Clinical pharmacist says BodyCare Nutrition’s Revitalise looked scientifically like it contained the right combination of nutrients

As a clinical pharmacist, I am very sceptical about claims for various vitamins and supplements but my work is quite demanding, reviewing many patients’ medication requirements, and I often don’t get time to have lunch or a break during the day.

I am 72 years old, apart from work, I still lead a very active life, regularly playing sport and taking long walks. But I was starting to feel my age and considered some sort of convenient supplement.

More energy and an improved bowel function

When I looked at the formulations of the available products I could see significant limitations. There is often too much sugar or fat and the formulae were not comprehensive. From the biochemical perspective, certainly vitamins are important in many biochemical pathways but other nutrients such as amino acids/proteins are equally as important for cell production and energy as well as fibre for supporting good bowel function. When I saw the formulations for BodyCare Nutrition Revitalise it looked scientifically like the right combination that made sense to me. I tried it, still with some scepticism, but after a couple of weeks of drinking at breakfast time or sometimes in the afternoon, I started to feel more energetic, and in particular around that time later in the day when I could feel myself flagging. An added bonus was an improvement in my bowel function with daily regular bowel movements.

It replaced my usual afternoon coffee

I was drinking BodyCare Nutrition Revitalise’s coffee. It was easy to mix with a glass of chilled water and had quite a pleasant coffee flavour. In fact, it has replaced my usual extra coffee in the afternoon to keep me alert and functioning at my best.

I would certainly recommend Revitalise. I don’t have a pharmacy any more, but would certainly recommend it, based on my own personal experience and my assessment of the formulation. Obviously it is not recommended to replace a good diet and we all should be trying to ensure that happens. Often this is not the case because of bad habits or just time restraints and convenience or dietary limitations in some cases.

– Paul Hannan, Clinical Pharmacist, Sydney.