Quality Promise

Our Quality Promise To You

Quality is about trust and it is at the heart of everything we do.

BodyCare Nutrition® was founded on a mission to provide the highest quality medicinal foods, without compromise. Consistently meeting or exceeding your expectations is among our foremost goals.

To achieve this important goal, we focus on three critical factors:

  1. Ethical developed formulations
  2. Premium quality ingredients
  3. Quality manufacturing practices

Ethically Developed Formulations

To ensure our medicinal foods are ethically based, only qualified and experienced team members are used to develop the nutritional profile of each formula. Technological expertise is also engaged to ensure these forms conform to government regulations.

Medical foods should be beneficial for your health. But they should also taste good. BodyCare Nutrition’s unique products are created with the aim of making our foods taste great.

Premium Quality Ingredients

BodyCare Nutrition® only works with the highest quality raw material suppliers to source and select the very best possible ingredients available. We take great pride in the quality of our ingredients and focus on as much Australian content as is possible.

Quality Manufacturing Practices

We have a comprehensive quality system based on Australian standards and good manufacturing practices. We maintain strict control over every product as it passes through all phases of manufacturing, packaging and distribution. Stock is then sent to the laboratory to ensure its integrity, purity and safety.

So when you consume a medicinal food, you have the right to expect you are consuming something in its exact ingredients, in the specific quantities listed on the container. Offering this assurance is why reliable and careful manufacturing, inspection and testing is so important.

Our Promise To You

We are passionate about what we do. And want everyone to feel the highest level of confidence in our medicinal foods. In the event we ever let you down, we will double our efforts to ensure it does not happen again. This commitment is core to our values and is our promise to you.