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Boost your energy and wellbeing…

As an advanced form of multi-vitamin, BodyCare Nutrition Revitalise is ideal for people with diabetes or anyone.

It helps revitalise your body including:

    • Increasing energy levels
    • Combating tiredness and fatigue
    • Better weight management
    • Reducing risk of Osteoporosis (and bone health generally)
    • Muscle function & performance
    • Immune system health
    • Heart & blood health & reduces cholesterol
    • Brain, memory and nervous system health
    • Eyes and vision
    • Healthy hair, skin & nails
    • Regularity
    • Teeth & gums health
    • Healthy cells

Revitalise is ideal if you can’t swallow tablets and you want to take a multi-vitamin.

Managing your weight

Each serve is only 140 calories, so Revitalise is ideal for people trying to better manage their weight better or lose weight. It helps curb hunger, another weight management bonus.

Low cost

Gluten free and non GMO, Revitalise per serve costs less than a regular takeaway cup of coffee. And all 3 flavours taste delicious! Plus BodyCare Nutrition Revitalise is made in Australia from premium quality ingredients.

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