Staying younger for longer… how exercise can help

exercise to stay younger for longer

One of the key ways to keeping your body youthful may be down to the way you move. Research has determined that high-intensity cardio exercise has the potential to reverse the ageing process in adults.

Researchers from the Mayo Clinic tested high-intensity interval training (HIIT) against combined training and resistance training. Each style of training boosted lean body mass as well as insulin sensitivity. However, HIIT and combined training heightened aerobic capacity as well as mitochondrial functionality for skeletal muscle. It is worth noting, mitochondrial cell functionality decreases with age, but as seen here, it heightens with training.

More energy and strength

HIIT even boosted muscle protein content that improved energetic functions and spurred the enlargement of muscles. This exercise also boosted the cellular mechanism necessary for the construction of new proteins. Importantly, this protein creation and synthesis reverses some of the problematic effects associated with the ageing process.

The take-home message is that HIIT is ideal for ageing adults as it benefits your body at the molecular level as well as metabolically. HIIT reverses certain manifestations of the ageing process within the human body’s protein function. Engaging in resistance training is also advisable. It does allow for the establishment of considerable muscle strength.

So if you want to stay younger for longer, get moving now!

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