The importance of fibre for good health

fibre for good health

Between 4% and 20% of people in Western countries suffer from constipation. At the other extreme, going to the toilet too often is associated with watery and very soft-stools. Known as diarrhoea this condition is an indication that waste is moving too rapidly through your lower intestine. Good bowel habits fall somewhere in the middle of these two extremes.

Fibre for good bowel habits

One of the important tasks of fibre involves promoting a good bowel movement. This means there is no straining or difficulty in using your bowels when going to the toilet. Straining and difficulty often occurs when stools become more solid and dense. When stools become very hard this is called constipation, a condition that develops when waste take an excessively long time to move through the lower intestine to be expelled.

So what is the best way for you to control or change the type of stool you have? The answer is simple, it’s through your diet. Fortunately, BodyCare Nutrition Revitalise contains a good source of fibre to help with your diet.

Increasing stool volume is important

Increasing stool volume is important because a large bulky stool passes through your large intestine more quickly.

Different fibres do this in different ways. Some dietary fibre contains a lot of cellulose, a poorly digested fibre, found in cereal grains and in fruit and vegetables. Because of its chemical structure, cellulose is excellent at retaining water (like a sponge) and so this helps bulk up the volume of the stool. Other fibres that break down more quickly can also increase stool volume more indirectly by promoting the growth of bacteria in the lower bowel. These bacteria add to the size of the stool and the bacteria themselves also retain a lot of water which again adds to the stool bulking.

This is why drinking water is so important for regular bowel habit and prevention of constipation.

So to help with your regularity, try BodyCare Nutrition Revitalise.

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