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Good nutrition is the cornerstone of a healthy life. As an all-in-one health drink, 5 health star rated BodyCare Nutrition Revitalise contains the right level of nutrition to offer you many important health benefits. If you are feeling run down, this clever nutritional formula will help you now and as you age.

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The importance of fibre for good health

Between 4% and 20% of people in Western countries suffer from constipation. At the other extreme, going to the toilet too often is associated with watery and very soft-stools. Known as diarrhoea this condition is an indication that waste is moving too rapidly through...

Your body’s circumference reflects disease risk

Fat deposited around the center of your body is often the first thing people notice when they become overweight. According to Monash University, the evidence suggests fat deposited on your abdomen increases health risks more than fat deposited on your legs, arms or...

What do you know about functional foods?

The term food includes everything we eat, plus beverages like soft drinks, tea and coffee as well as confectionary items, to name a few. Foods if they have been shown to have evident health benefits beyond the normal provision of nutrition are known as functional...

Staying younger for longer…how exercise can help

One of the key ways to keeping your body youthful, may be down to the way you move. Research has determined that high intensity cardio exercise has the potential to reverse the ageing process in adults. Researchers from the Mayo Clinic tested high-intensity interval...

Stop your brain from shrinking, add years to your life

The fact that our brain shrinks as we age is something we don’t normally think about. Many health experts say the more active your brain is as you get older the better it will be. That’s why it is always a good idea to keep your mind stimulated. However, research now...

Look and feel beautiful…why not eat your way there?

Let's be honest... words like ‘diet’ and ‘nutrition’ provoke images of women and men trying all sorts of fancy eating and fitness fads to lose weight. To many people, ‘diet’ has become a dirty word - deprivation and tastelessness together in one unappetising meal. And...